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Vinita Anasane, Product Manager Amoeboids in conversation with Subhasish Sarkar, Sr. Product Manager, BMC Software

The Product Perspective Talks-Roadmap Management in product management

A practical roadmap management is crucial in product management as it provides a clear direction for the product development process, ensures alignment with the product vision and goals, and enables the product team to respond to market and customer needs changes.

In this episode of our series, The Product Perspective Talks, our guest Subhasish Sarkar, Sr. Product Manager, BMC Software, is in conversation with our product manager Vinita Anasane on Roadmap management in product management.

Video Brief-

The video showcases our guest Subhasish Sarkar, Sr. Product Manager, BMC Software, and product manager Vinita Anasane who discusses the role of Roadmap management in product management. Subhasish shares his background and experience in various functions such as application developer, QA, automation engineer, and system programmer. The conversation touches on prioritizing work, aligning with stakeholders, and adapting to changing market conditions in product management. Subhasish talks about plugging -customer ideas into your product roadmap by leveraging a couple of techniques, some of which are:-

  • Public community spaces wherein customers interact and share their feedback
  • Customers can choose to reach out to us privately using various processes which are in place
  • Customers engage with different levels of representation within their organizations
  • Direct ways include onsite customer visits etc.

Lastly, thoughts are shared on some product management trends, including agile product development, adoption of design thinking, etc. Learn more about this conversation in the video.