Upping the Customer Feedback Game in Real Estate Tech with Roadmap and Idea Portal for JSM

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Used Apps:

Roadmap & Idea Portal for JSM


If you are a software tech startup, the only way to push your product/s in the right direction is through ongoing customer feedback & engagement.

This customer, such a tech company in the real estate tech space was looking to up its customer feedback game. A leading provider of end-to-end business solutions for real estate agencies, this company, faced a critical need for a centralized system to streamline customer feedback. With over 25 years of industry expertise, this customer’s software products connect real estate property professionals across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand, fostering relationships that drive transformative outcomes. This case study unveils how their use of our app, Roadmap and Idea Portal for Jira service management (JSM) revolutionized their customer feedback management.

About the Customer

Operating at the intersection of real estate and technology, this customer empowers sales and lettings agents with innovative solutions, enabling them to build enduring relationships and propel business growth. This customer is funded by some of the marquee VC investors around the world.

Problem Statement

Given the growth their products were witnessing, our customer grappled with the challenge of efficiently gathering and managing customer feedback. There were too many conversations across various channels, resulting in information silos across Marketing, Sales & the Product teams. The lack of a unified system to capture customer feedback, ideas & conversations hindered their ability to capture valuable insights, evaluate customer feature requests, and align their product development with the evolving needs of the real estate market.


To overcome this challenge, one of the Jira Service Management administrators at the customer organization installed our app, Roadmap & Idea Portal. They came across this app while they were looking for a probable solution on the Atlassian marketplace.


Our app allowed the customer to set up a completely custom Roadmap & Idea portal right on top of their Service project in JSM. This meant, the go live was almost immediate rather than a long & tedious process. Additionally, the app is tailor built for gathering, organizing & surfacing customer feedback at opportune moments. It does this through Votes, Comments & a bunch of other relevant features for different stakeholders.

This solution empowered them to effortlessly capture customer feedback, analyze engagement through votes and comments on requested features, and dynamically shape their product roadmap. The Roadmap and Idea Portal App became a pivotal tool for efficiently delivering features aligned with customer needs and market trends.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized feedback management: All feedback from various stakeholders, including Customers, Marketers & Field sales teams is transparently managed in a single place.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Due to the Voting feature, customers felt that their voice is being heard & started engaging more with the Product managers responsible for managing the Roadmap & Idea Portal.
  • Aligned product direction: With customer feedback as underlying support, Product managers ended up aligning their backlogs with the expectations from end users.


The implementation of the Roadmap and Idea Portal App had a transformative impact on our customer’s customer feedback management strategy. Now equipped with a centralized system, they can easily gather and analyze customer inputs, engage effectively with user requests, and align their product development with the dynamic demands of the real estate technology landscape. This responsive and customer-centric approach ensures our client continues to lead the industry by delivering innovative solutions that drive meaningful transformations in the real estate market.