Automated Release Notes App

Step by step guide to Automating release notes in Confluence with ARN

Explore how to effortlessly streamline your release note creation process, saving time and ensuring consistency, all within the powerful Confluence platform. Dive in and transform how you manage your release documentation.

Video Brief-

Automated Release Notes for Jira (ARN) app streamlines the process of publishing release notes directly to Confluence. Follow these steps to automate your release notes using ARN and Confluence.

  1. Install ARN Confluence Helper App:
    • Install ARN Confluence Helper App from Confluence Marketplace.
    • Integrate it with ARN Jira app using an API token.
  2. Create Confluence Template:
    • Navigate to Confluence space.
    • Create a new page as ARN template.
    • Use variables (e.g., version name) in the page title.
  3. Set Up ARN Macros and Variables:
    • Customize template with ARN macros (date, status).
    • Validate and adjust JQL queries for Jira issues.
  4. Configure ARN Rule for Publishing:
    • Create ARN rule for release notes.
    • Select “Publish to Confluence with new editor.”
    • Specify source template and destination space.
  5. Execute Rule and Review Output:
    • Execute ARN rule to publish release notes.
    • Verify page creation with replaced variables.
    • Explore update or append options