Amoeboids @ 9th Atlassian Day by Meta-INF: A Debut Filled with Learning & Connections

Who wouldn’t want to visit the vibrant city of Budapest? And when the occasion is 9th Atlassian Day, hosted by Meta-INF, no excuse is going to be good enough for missing out. 

For us at Amoeboids, it was our debut in this annual recurring event hosted by Meta-INF. It wasn’t just another entry in our calendar; it marked our first foray as both participants and sponsors in the Atlassian day events. Initially, we were thinking about only attending the event to discover more about it but eventually decided to get more involved by being a sponsor. In hindsight, this decision turned out to be a great one.

Investing more into connections & Atlassian community

Fresh off our experiences from Atlas Camp in Copenhagen and Unleash in Amsterdam, we were eager to invest more into strengthening our presence in the Atlassian community. As a ‘Supporter sponsor’, we had the opportunity to set up a booth & give away some cool swag to the visitors. We used this booth to re-connect with our existing friends & make some new ones – marketplace & solution partners, both.

Meeting our users face-to-face

Our apps for Atlassian products have a good customer base in Europe. However for us, Hungary is still way behind in numbers as compared to Germany or UK. So we looked at this event as an opportunity for us to meet the handful of customers in Hungary that are already using our apps & understand their needs better. These interactions are always invaluable giving us a sense of the problems our app users are facing in their day to day work management.

We have learnt the value of face-to-face conversations & we remain committed to seize as many of such opportunities as possible.

‘Steal the Show’ and Evening party sponsorship

But, let us give credit to the Meta-INF team for making the event fun. There was this ‘Steal the show’ segment that offered 1 minute each to the participating sponsors to showcase their creativity and connect with the audience in unconventional ways. Despite our meme quiz not clinching the top votes this time, the experience was enriching. The spirited participation and the subsequent brand recognition were rewards in themselves, setting our sights on the prize next year with even greater enthusiasm.

Sponsoring the evening party topped up the results for us as it helped further our goal of extending the visibility in the ecosystem. Everyone let their guards down a little bit after a full day at work, some danced while others bantered. We were happy to see that Amoeboids had a part to play in bringing together the community for this party.

Reflections and next steps

As we connect with more & more people, be it our customers, solution partners or our fellow marketplace partners we continue to learn more about the collaboration, innovation & community. Eventually, these events are turning out to be more than just an exercise in Branding & Networking. Our enthusiasm is buoyed by the connections made, the lessons learned, and the paths that lie ahead.

In 2024, we have set internal goals to show up at as many ecosystem events as possible & meet our current, prospective customers. This event just made us realize that we should probably take a step further & also look at extending that goal to Solution partners who play a pivotal role in reaching out to our mutual customers. One key take away for us is the upcoming Partner program by Amoeboids for solution as well as marketplace partners.

Final thoughts

As we look forward to future events and engagements, our journey in the Atlassian ecosystem is a reminder of the incredible potential that lies in collaboration and mutual growth. Here’s to many more milestones, connections, and celebrations in this vibrant community!

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