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Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth, Community, and Innovation at Amoeboids

As we bid farewell to 2023, we at Amoeboids reflect on a year marked by significant achievements, enduring commitment to our people, and exciting advancements in technology. Our journey through the year has been one of gratitude and satisfaction, as we’ve strengthened our bonds within the team and extended our reach in the tech community. This look-back encapsulates our key milestones and sets the stage for an even more ambitious 2024.

Celebrating Employee Milestones

Our focus on being a people-centric organization shone brightly in 2023. The long tenure awards, instituted in 2022, celebrated employee loyalty and dedication. It was a joyous moment when Tanay and Mohan received electric bikes for their seven years of service, symbolizing our commitment to their well-being and environmental sustainability. Karan, with his new AirPods, marked three years of growth and contribution. These rewards, more than just gifts, are tokens of appreciation, reflecting the value we place on long-term relationships and the continuous development of our team.

Long Tenure Award

Memorable Team Offsite in Dubai 

2023 also saw the revival of our international team outings with an unforgettable trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, this trip in October was much more than a break; it was a celebration of togetherness, resilience, and the collective spirit of Amoeboids. Exploring the dynamic cities, indulging in cultural experiences, and building camaraderie, the team bonded over shared memories and laughter. This offsite not only rejuvenated us but also reinforced our unity, reminding us that our strength lies in our collective endeavors.

‘Beyond 9 to 5’ Campaign  

Our ‘Beyond 9 to 5’ campaign highlighted the diverse talents of the Amoeboids team. This initiative was more than a showcase; it was a recognition of the unique personalities and skills each member brings to the table. From artistic endeavors to sporting prowess, our team members shared their passions, reminding us that our people are not just defined by their professional roles but are a mosaic of varied interests and talents. This campaign deepened our understanding and appreciation of each other, fostering a culture of inclusivity and creativity.

Beyond 9 to 5 Series

Building Partnerships in the Atlassian Ecosystem

A strategic focus of 2023 was forging partnerships within the Atlassian ecosystem. Collaborations with entities like Alphaserve, Appsvio, Apwide, and K15t resulted in the creation of the insightful ebook ‘Leveraging Release Notes for Product Marketing Success.’ This endeavor not only showcased our expertise but also highlighted the power of collaborative knowledge. Additionally, our series of ‘Product Perspective Talks‘ videos, featuring individual experts, was a step towards disseminating diverse and valuable insights. These initiatives exemplified our belief in collective growth and the sharing of knowledge, reinforcing our position as a thought leader in the Atlassian community.

E-book - Leveraging release notes for product marketing success

Embracing AI Technology

As AI continued to captivate the tech world, we embraced this trend with enthusiasm. Our launch of the AI Release Notes Generator within the Automated Release Notes app for Jira was a testament to our innovative spirit. The end-of-the-year introduction of ‘Super Search for Jira‘ marked another milestone in our journey. Although still a work in progress, this AI-driven search tool demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, continually seeking new ways to enhance user experience and efficiency.

Event Participation and Looking Forward

December was a pinnacle of our year, with participation in AtlasCamp in Copenhagen and our debut as a sponsor at Atlassian Unleash in Amsterdam. These events, detailed here, were not just about showcasing our products but also learning, networking, and being part of a larger community. As we closed the year, these experiences underscored our role as a Platinum marketplace partner and set the stage for further expansion in 2024.

Unleash event+Atlascamp event


Reflecting on 2023, we feel immense pride in what we’ve achieved together at Amoeboids. It’s been a year where our people, partnerships, and technological strides have woven a tapestry of success and growth. As we step into 2024, we carry with us the lessons learned, the connections made, and an unwavering spirit of innovation. With plans to expand our horizons further, we embark on this new year with excitement, ready to explore new opportunities and continue making a positive impact in the tech world.

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