Introducing Automated Release Notes & Reports for Jira

It’s a rainy day here in India! And the entire team is celebrating 🍕🍻🎁

We are excited to announce that our popular app, Automated release notes for Jira, from now on will be called as Automated release notes & reports for Jira. 

ARN as it is popularly known, was a small project that we initially built for ourselves. With time, it has evolved from being a basic no-code automation tool to sophisticated WYSWYG template builder.

Support for various automation triggers & formats has grown significantly since the app was launched back in 2016. 

In fact, now there is a free version of the app available on Cloud Jira.

This change of name reflects the versatile capabilities our users have discovered and leveraged within the app. 

Initially the app was designed to automate release notes. But with the flexibility of JQL sections, our users have used the app to create various reports. 

To top it all, stats and charts in the app have allowed for a more visual and impactful communication. Extending well beyond simple text-based release notes.

Why the name change?

We have seen incredible creativity & resourcefulness from our users. They have created numerous release notes & various types of reports with our app. 

Their ability to come up with such comprehensive reports visualising data directly from Jira, is commendable.

The ability to create custom reports with JQL sections has significantly enhanced the app’s utility, transforming it into a powerful reporting tool. 

By renaming the app to Automated release notes & reports for Jira, we aim to better represent its expanded capabilities and the value it brings to our users.

Pricing update

Along with this name change, there will be a pricing update as announced earlier this month

The new pricing reflects the enhanced functionality and value provided by the app, ensuring we can continue to deliver top-notch features and support.

Major updates along with the name change

It’s not just the name that is changing. We are excited to introduce several major updates in this latest release:

Introducing the Dashboard with cool widgets

New Dashboard with cool widgets

We have launched an awesome new dashboard! This new feature allows you to effortlessly track the app usage. The dashboard includes:

  • Top 5 templates: Quickly see which templates are most frequently used.
  • Top 5 rules: Identify the most popular rules being executed.
  • Rule execution status in the last 90 days: Monitor the recent performance and execution status of your rules.

Take a look at the new dashboard on your Jira instance and let us know what more you would like to see on this revised dashboard.

ARN dashboard

Better filtering & organization of templates

We heard from you the need to better organize templates. As a first step in that direction, we have release few enhancements –

  • Three new columns: Additional information about the templates that will help you make informed decisions. Following three data points are now available:
    • Last used: Displays the date when the template was last used in an automated rule. Helps you identify templates that are becoming obsolete.
    • Used in: Shows how many rule actions the template has been utilized in. A click on the number will show you the names of the rules where the template is used.
    • Last modified date: Indicates the date of the template’s last update.
  • Customizable columns: Of course, we would not want to bombard you with a lot of information. That’s why it is easy to choose which columns to display using the column selector.
  • Icons for template type and level: Visually representing template type & level has helped us save some space & yet effectively communicate the information.

These enhancements make it easier to manage and utilize your templates, ensuring you have all the information you need at a glance.

New template creation experience

With this release, we are also rolling out the first change in Template creation experience. One can view all template types in one place, instead of trying to find the relevant one in a lengthy dropdown. This feature simplifies the template creation process and helps you make informed choices.

One feature that is going to make some waves is our brand new ‘Template gallery’. This repository of beautiful release notes & reports created directly based on Jira data will help the users get started quickly. 

No need to start from scratch & fix the styling errors one by one. Just pick one of the existing templates from the library & modify it as needed.

What next?

We are committed to continuously improving Automated Release Notes & Reports for Jira. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping the app, and we encourage you to keep sharing your ideas and suggestions with us.

We look forward to seeing how you utilize these new features to maximize your productivity and efficiency in managing release notes and reports.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

cta - Automated Release Notes & reports for Jira

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