Announcing Pricing Changes to (Some of) Our Atlassian Marketplace Apps

As Platinum marketplace partners with Atlassian, at Amoeboids we leave no stone unturned to enhance our products so they provide best possible values to our users. In the last 3-4 quarters, we have scaled new heights by doubling down our investment in security & privacy (SOC 2 certification announcement). At the same time, we have been at the forefront of bringing in AI integrations into our apps for the Atlassian marketplace. We are just getting started on this one. 

Here, we are just trying to highlight some of our significant investments in the development of our apps. At least 50% of these investments have been triggered by the feedback from teams that are using our products. Today, we want to announce upcoming pricing changes to some of our Atlassian marketplace apps, effective from 1st July 2024.

Why the Price Increase?

We have heard great feedback on the enhancements that were result of this recent investment. We have a string of innovative ideas to double down on this investment & make our apps more valuable for teams. And that becomes our primary reason behind this price adjustment. We think these investments are crucial to ensure that we continue to improve & support these apps.

We have listened to the feedback shared by our end users and incorporated numerous suggestions to make these apps more valuable for your teams. By doing so, we aim to provide tools that not only meet but exceed your expectations, helping you achieve your project management and collaboration goals more effectively.

Moreover, we are integrating AI into these apps to make them even more useful. Some AI-powered features are already live, and more are in the pipeline. These enhancements are designed to streamline your workflows, improve efficiency, and provide deeper insights into your projects, processes.

Impacted apps & respective price changes

Automated release notes for Jira

One of our most popular apps, ARN is slated to get a big reveal by the end of June 2024. We will unveil new features that extend beyond just release notes, automating various aspects for your teams. Additionally, expect much deeper AI integration as part of the ARN upgrades. These enhancements aim to further streamline your release management process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

Cloud pricing changes

User tierCurrent pricing (per month)Revised pricing after 1st July 2024 (per month)
Up to 10 users4 USD flat6 USD flat
100 users40 USD60 USD
250 users85 USD120 USD
500 users135 USD182.5 USD
1000 users235 USD307.5 USD
5000 users760 USD832.5 USD
10000 users1260 USD1332.5 USD

DC pricing changes

User tierCurrent pricing (per year)Revised pricing after 1st July 2024 (per year)
Up to 50 users200 USD 300 USD
100 users400 USD600 USD
250 users950 USD1200 USD
500 users1350 USD1825 USD
2000 users3850 USD4575 USD
5000 users7600 USD8325 USD
10000 users12600 USD13325 USD
50000 users30000 USD30825 USD

Embedder for Confluence

We are thrilled to share that we are working to support all major macros such as Expand, Table of Contents, Highlights, and more in Embedder for Confluence. Users can expect a smoother configuration experience in the next two quarters, along with improved widget interfaces. These enhancements will make it even easier for teams to embed the Confluence content in their own SaaS products, driving better customer support and knowledge sharing.

Cloud pricing changes

User tierCurrent pricing (per month)Revised pricing after 1st July 2024 (per month)
Up to 10 users4 USD flat5 USD flat
100 users40 USD50 USD
250 users77.50 USD95 USD
500 users102.50 USD120 USD
1000 users152.50 USD170 USD
5000 users352.50 USD370 USD
10000 users602.50 USD620 USD

Screenjar for Jira & JSM

Since its launch, Screenjar has been embraced by QA teams for its utility and ease of use. We are excited to announce that we will be expanding this app into a versatile support tool by introducing support for audio ticketing. This new feature will allow teams to create audio tickets, making it even easier to communicate issues and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Screenjar to meet your evolving needs.

Cloud pricing changes

User tierCurrent pricing (per month)Revised pricing after 1st July 2024 (per month)
Up to 10 usersFreeFree
100 users40 USD50 USD
250 users97 USD107 USD
500 users187 USD197 USD
1000 users367 USD377 USD
5000 users1677 USD1687 USD
10000 users3052 USD3062 USD

What Pricing Changes Mean for You

We understand that price changes can impact budgeting and planning, and we want to assure you that this decision was made after careful consideration. The increased pricing reflects the value and improvements we have incorporated into these apps. Here are some key points to consider:

Key points to consider

  • Enhanced Features: The additional resources have enabled us to add new features and improve existing ones, based on user feedback.
  • AI Integration: We are incorporating AI to provide smarter, more efficient tools to help you manage your projects better.
  • Future Development: The price increase ensures that we can continue to invest in these apps, bringing you continuous improvements and new functionalities.

Effective Date

The new pricing will take effect from 1st July 2024. All new instances where the app is installed on or after this date, will start with the new pricing. However, existing customers will get 60 day grace period to assess the impact of this pricing change before the new price kicks in for their instance. We are committed to transparency and open communication, and we believe this notice period will help you prepare for the upcoming changes.

Big Thanks!

These pricing changes will enable us to enhance the quality of our offerings & continue to invest in innovation. Thank you for your continued trust in our products. If you have any questions about the pricing impact in your specific case, please do reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you and clarify any doubts.

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