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Revolutionizing Product Marketing with Presentation-Ready Release Notes

We are big believers in adding Release notes documents to your product marketing arsenal. The competitive software industry we are in, makes it very difficult to differentiate solely on innovative features or robust performance of your product. Nowadays the differentiation also heavily relies on weaving stories & narratives around your product updates. 

The ability to clearly communicate product updates – be it major enhancements or minor bug fixes, is paramount. To help you on this path, we have recently launched the ability to automatically generate release notes as presentations. Let us dive deep into why we think this can be a game changer for your team.

The Evolution of Release Notes

We are long past the traditional approach to release notes – treating them as technical documents that nobody ever reads. As the digital marketplace becomes more crowded it is only fair that your marketing efforts get a shot in the arm. This necessity along with the realisation that release notes are a tool of engagement, has sparked a transformation, turning release notes from a mere list of updates into a powerful marketing artefact.

The Power of Presentation-Ready Formats

After our recent foray into evolving release notes into social media magnets, we were keen on innovating further for the product marketing community. And here we are.  Presentation-ready release notes are more than just another format; they represent a paradigm shift in how to communicate value to your audience. Teams can leverage release notes in the form of Powerpoint presentations for visual storytelling and narratives. This will mean that the release notes are now being manifested into engaging, visual stories that highlight the product’s journey and evolution.


Benefits of Integrating Release Notes into Product Marketing

Benefits of Integrating Release Notes into Product Marketing

While we have discussed this at length in our recent ebook, here’s a quick refresher around why it helps to treat release notes as a product marketing asset. 

  • Visual Storytelling: It is a no brainer. Visual formats allow for a richer storytelling experience. Be it infographics, charts or presentations – each one of them has the power to make otherwise intricate information more accessible and engaging. All in a bid to help you capture the audience’s attention.
  • Broader Reach: Social media, email newsletters, or even conferences. These are just some of the potential channels suitable for distributing presentation-ready release notes. This versatility ensures that your product updates reach a wider audience, from current users to potential leads.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception: Well-designed, branded & informative presentations can enhance the brand perception. So your efforts are furthering the product marketing campaigns, just with a different type of content. This positions your product as one that values communication and user feedback.
  • Sales Enablement: All these brand assets that you are creating, will aid your sales teams in discussion with prospects and account managers in discussion with existing customers. That’s two birds in one stone.

Our solution

With the recent update in Automated release notes app for Jira, we have made it possible to generate release notes & reports in the form of readymade presentations. It is even possible to upload your own custom template. We continue to rely on JQL sections as the underlying mechanism. 

While the concept of presentation-ready release notes is universally beneficial, leveraging tools that make it easy to do so is the trick. 


We find ourselves to be at the intersection of software development and marketing. Introduction of presentation-ready release notes & reports, directly generated from Jira emerges as a game-changer to fuel your content marketing engine. This format not only elevates the utility of release notes but also seamlessly integrates them into the broader product marketing strategy. You can embrace this trend to unlock new avenues for storytelling, audience engagement, and ultimately, differentiation.

In a world where attention is the new currency, how you communicate your product’s evolution is just as important as the updates themselves. Presentation-ready release notes offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience, share your achievements, and continue building your product’s legacy.

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