Making Quiet Progress Using Roadmap and Idea Portal App in Knowledge Management Industry

Knowledge Management


Used Apps:

Roadmap & Idea Portal for JSM


Embark on a journey to reshape learning and development in the Knowledge Management Industry. Our customer, a pioneering force in this sector, sought a tailored approach to enhance their Learning Management System (LMS). Given the crowded nature of this space, they wanted to protect their ideas & product roadmap from the prying eyes of competition.

With a focus on capturing and leveraging customer feedback, they wanted a seamless experience for their Product team as well as the Customers. They wanted the solution aimed not only to streamline internal processes but also to fortify their commitment to meeting the unique needs of their user base.

About the Customer

A leader in the learning and development sector, our client provides a holistic solution for organizations keen on enhancing knowledge management. Their well-designed Learning Management System (LMS) simplifies the learning and development process for employees, HR, and management. Offering a centralized platform for online courses and physical training, the client's LMS brings efficiency by eliminating the hassle of scattered certificates. With a proven track record of benefiting over 200 organizations, their commitment to streamlined, cost-effective solutions underscore their pivotal role in revolutionizing learning and development.

Problem Statement

The absence of a private system to capture customer feedback left our customer facing challenges in understanding the user needs and preferences. While there are many options available, keeping the system private was a non-negotiable need. Without a dedicated mechanism, managing feedback, votes, and comments for each request proved cumbersome. The need for a structured process to align product development with customer demands became increasingly evident.


Enter the Roadmap and Idea Portal App for JSM. Since the customer was already using Jira service management as their external facing helpdesk, it was really a no-brainer. Our app fulfilled customer requirements by enabling the creation of a private idea portal for their customers. The app facilitated the seamless capture of customer feedback, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of votes and comments for each request. With this tool, our customer gained the capability to shape their product roadmap with direct customer input, ensuring they could prioritize and deliver features that were most requested by their user base.


The implementation of the Roadmap and Idea Portal App had a transformative impact on our customer’s approach to product development. By incorporating direct customer feedback into their decision-making process, our customer experienced improved alignment with user needs, resulting in a more customer-centric Learning Management System. On top of it, our app kept the ideas behind a login. Which ensured that only approved users had access to the portal. The streamlined process not only saved time but also allowed our customer to respond proactively to evolving industry demands, reinforcing their position as a leader in the knowledge management sector.


The primary objective to establish a private idea portal that could efficiently capture, record, and analyze customer feedback was easily addressed through the Roadmap & Idea Portal app. The customer was happy to get a solution that streamlined the voting and commenting process for each request, facilitating an informed decision-making process regarding the inclusion of new features in their Learning Management System.