Atlassian Conference in Northern Europe 2024 by Trinidad Wiseman – Quick Recap

After our debut in the 9th Atlassian day by Meta-INF event in Budapest, we headed towards Tallinn, Estonia. Trinidad Wiseman had planned the Atlassian conference in Northern Europe 2024 on 4th April there & we couldn’t be happier since we were one of the sponsors for the event. Not only that, we also had the opportunity to talk about our app Automated release notes for Jira in front of the packed audience (more on that below).

Here’s a quick recap of this day long event.

Putting the right foot forward

While we were preparing for the conference, one of our UpRaise for Employee Success (with OKRs) customers reached out with their query & we found out they will be attending this event. That meant we had an hour long meeting slot already booked even before the flight tickets to Estonia were paid for.

Pre-event meet up

The pre-event meet up on the evening before the event day turned out to be a fun one after the chilly weather & lashing rains welcomed us at the Tallinn airport. Apart from meeting the other speakers at the event as well as the sponsors, it was a great chance to learn a thing or two about the Human psychology. And that too, through some ‘magic tricks’. 

The D day

We started the day by setting up our booth. Apart from Amoeboids, there were booths by Adaptavist, Refined & HYCU. Organising team was kind enough to let us add some of our swag items to the ‘Welcome kit’. Many attendees liked our fun set of stickers & stopped by our booth to tell us so. Tell us which one you like the most from below?

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At the event, we were pleasantly surprised by the magnitude of Atlassian’s customer base in Estonia. It’s a testament to the exceptional work being done by Trinidad Wiseman & their team. This article would be incomplete without the special mention of so many Estonian government agencies that have digitized their processes and actively seek to implement project management practices through the Atlassian tools & apps.

Our talk focused on ‘Making IT project management easy with Automated release notes & reports’, was well received. Handful of project managers in the audience ended up visiting us at the booth & clarifying the possibility of addressing their use cases through our app.

The cherry on the top was our brainstorming session with the UpRaise customer. The meeting ended up taking more than 1.5 hours as opposed to the initially planned 1 hour. This customer wanted to use UpRaise app for a few additional processes in their organisation & explained to us some of the scenarios. While majority of those requests can already be handled within UpRaise, we are taking back a bunch of notes to share with the product team.

Learnings & connections

The diverse community of Atlassian ecosystem partners & customers continues to amaze us with each passing event. Incredible knowledge sharing coupled with the ever so slight nudge to improve each other’s processes, these events & conferences are bringing home new ideas & innovations for us. 

This was a first Trinidad Wiseman event where Amoeboids had a chance to become one of the sponsors & we are incredibly happy we did so. We hope to continue this association on an ongoing basis & show up at this premier conference in the Northern Europe.

We cannot help but look forward to returning to Tallinn for next year’s event. We have to because the snowfall has kept us inside our hotel rooms & we just didn’t get a chance to see the beautiful city of Tallinn. Until next time, Estonia ❄️

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