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Introducing Einstein: A Free & Open Source Software for Atlassian Marketplace Developers

At Amoeboids, we have been in the Atlassian marketplace plug-in/app development space since 2015. We started developing the apps as an experiment & ended up going all in. While today, we are a Platinum marketplace partner – a lot of our success has been on the back of a thriving developer community in the ecosystem. 

Today, we are excited to share our internal tool which has been instrumental in helping us make decisions about our apps in the Atlassian ecosystem. We are making ‘Einstein’ – our internal software – available in the form of a free & open source codebase. 

Why Open Source?

For years, Einstein has helped us overcome the limitations of standard Atlassian Marketplace reports. It made the management of our apps effective. 

By open-sourcing Einstein, we achieve two goals 

  • give back to our fellow developers 
  • & in the long run enrich the tool with diverse inputs from the community 

We believe that crowdsourcing ideas & development will accelerate the value addition from Einstein, leading to a more robust and efficient tool that can benefit everyone in the ecosystem.

Einstein App

Key Features of Einstein

1. Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Einstein goes beyond the basic reporting features offered by the Atlassian Marketplace. It provides advanced filtering options for licenses and transactions, and brief insights into solution partners and resellers who have sold your apps. With Einstein, you can gain a comprehensive view of your app’s performance, including the number of current customers, their geographical distribution, and other vital statistics.

2. Integration with HubSpot

Einstein does more. It lets you integrate seamlessly with Hubspot. That means you can set up powerful automations within Hubspot since the contact creation & updating is taken care of by Einstein, based on the information that it receives from the Atlassian marketplace REST APIs. We ourselves use this integration to trigger targeted emails such as onboarding, cancellation etc.

Why Hubspot? Well, we use Hubspot – that’s why. We hope the list of integrations expands beyond this as the community embraces Einstein.

3. Custom Dashboard Capabilities

To be honest, our reporting needs have outgrown what Einstein could offer. And of course, with limited development resources we had to find an alternative for advanced reporting. That’s when we started using Redash. It is a simple set up. Redash connects to the same database where Einstein is pulling in the data. This can be any BI tool, not just Redash. And then these BI tools will allow you to create custom dashboards, visualizations that help you make data-driven decisions.

4. Self-Hosting for Full Control

Einstein is designed to be self-hosted. This will ensure that all partners can maximize its utility according to their specific needs. Then, you have full control over your data and maintain the privacy, security standards that are appropriate for your business environment. With some hosting providers hosting Einstein can cost as low as 3-4 USD/month. That’s all the investment one has to make.

The Future of Einstein

We are doubling down our investment in the Atlassian apps & thus we are committed to ongoing enhancement of Einstein. We plan to regularly develop new features and capabilities, drawing on both our experiences and the invaluable feedback from the community. As the Atlassian marketplace APIs become more & more mature, we will continue to integrate them in Einstein.

For Amoeboids, Einstein is more than just a tool. It is a testament to our commitment to the Atlassian developer community. We believe that by sharing Einstein, we are not only providing a valuable resource but also fostering a collaborative environment where we can all grow together. We invite you to get involved in making Einstein better.

Get Involved

For those interested in exploring Einstein or contributing to its development, here’s the public repository on Bitbucket. Readme file in that repository will help you get started with the initial set up. We are working on a bit more detailed documentation as I write this. We look forward to your contributions and are excited to see how Einstein evolves with your input.

We hope Einstein empowers you to extract more value from your data and drives your success in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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