Revolutionizing Software QA Processes for an AgriTech Business

AgriTech Business


Used Apps:
Screenjar App


This case study explores how a key player in the global crop nutrition industry improved the efficiency & effectiveness of their software QA teams. They focused on making the bug reports as clear as possible to reduce back and forth between the Dev & QA teams.

About the Customer

Our client, a major contributor in the crop nutrition sector, is dedicated to sustainable agricultural and environmental solutions. Their commitment to a sustainable food value chain is evident in their extensive operations across 60 countries, focusing on climate-friendly crop nutrition and zero-emission energy solutions. Although the business is headquartered in Norway, their Software operations are handled by a team in India.

Problem Statement

Due to the domain they are in, the team had to ensure that there was proper communication of bugs to the Development team to avoid back-n-forth. They were using a desktop application to create screen recordings of the steps to reproduce the bugs & share those with developers. A desktop application meant – license management, installations & admin overheads. Additionally, sharing the screen recordings was sub-optimal as it had to be done manually.


Screenjar for Jira elegantly resolved these issues by offering an integrated solution within Jira. It eliminated the need for external applications, reducing installation costs and simplifying the bug reporting process. This integration perfectly aligns with the company’s emphasis on efficiency and sustainability in all their operations.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency Gains: Instant bug recording right within all modern browsers, eliminating dependence on desktop applications.
  • Cost Savings: Reduction in installation & administrative costs associated with traditional bug recording tools.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Integration with Jira ensures a smooth bug reporting process without manual intervention.


The adoption of the Screenjar app for Jira has revolutionized bug reporting processes, becoming an integral part of the workflow. Its widespread usage prompted the creation of a dedicated documentation guide, showcasing its seamless incorporation into daily processes.


The incorporation of Screenjar for Jira has allowed the client to overcome challenges in bug reporting. The app has enabled a more efficient, cost-effective, and technology-driven approach, furthering their mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet.