Streamlining Bug Reporting with Screenjar in Jira Software



In the dynamic world of software development, clear communication between QA & Development teams is essential. Screenjar enhances this process within Jira software by providing a straightforward way to visually communicate bugs & issues.


Customer profile: QA & Development Teams

This use case is ideal for QA teams who work closely with developers in bug tracking & resolution, particularly in environments where clear & efficient communication is key.


Problem statement: The challenge of Conveying    bugs effectively

Traditional process of bug reporting often involves lengthy textual descriptions, which can lead to misunderstandings and back-and-forth clarifications. This inefficiency can slow down the development process, especially when textual descriptions are not sufficient to convey the issue clearly.

       App used

Screenjar Record Platform





Solution overview

Screenjar seamlessly integrates into Jira software, enabling QA teams to easily record their screens or take annotated screenshots while reporting bugs. This visual aid attached to Jira issues makes it significantly easier for developers to understand and replicate reported bugs.


End to end experiences

Experience 1 - Providing additional visual context to existing bugs

  • A bug is reported on Jira software, but the development team requires more information.
  • The QA team member revisits the issue and uses the Screenjar button to provide additional visual context.
  • They record the screen or take a screenshot, highlighting specific areas or actions.
  • The recording or screenshot is automatically attached to the existing Jira issue.
  • The development team reviews the new visual information, facilitating quicker & more accurate bug resolution.

Experience 2 – Attaching visual evidence for future reference. 

  • An enhancement is being tested before promoting it to production. The enhancement is intricate & requires thorough understanding as well as testing.
  • QA team not only completes the testing but also attaches video evidence collected using Screenjar.
  • After the test completion, the enhancement goes live to end users.
  • In production, some of the end users are facing a glitch that was seen during testing. 
  • QA team can refer to the recordings & do the root cause analysis to prevent future leakages.
  • The RCA leads to process improvements & the QA team is commended for preserving the video evidences.


  • Provides a visual representation of bugs, making it easier for developers to understand & replicate issues.
  • Minimizes the need for back-and-forth queries, speeding up the bug resolution process.
  • Simplifies the process of bug reporting for QA teams, with no additional software installations required.